Ada Castells: Mirada [Look]

The latest addition to my website is Ada CastellsMirada [Look]. It seemingly tells the story of a ghost, a former detective, who is obsessed with a beautiful model called Blanca and falls from scaffolding and dies when spying on her. As a ghost he continues to spy on her. He notices a growth on her shoulder which her father, a doctor, examines and tells her that she must keep out of the light. She works as a barmaid and then exotic dancer in the club but, when the lights shine on her, she realises that she is invisible. However, we also learn from the detective’s wife that this is merely a story that her husband is writing basing Blanca on her and she is very upset about it. It is a clever story and makes a change from the usual Catalan novel about the past and Franco and the Civil War.

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