Luis Sagasti: Bellas artes (Fireflies)

The latest addition to my website is Luis Sagasti‘s Bellas artes (Fireflies). This is an amazing book from new publisher Charco Press in which Sagasti ruminates on creativity, suicide, how we look at works of art, imagination and story-telling. If it is has a unifying theme it might be Without the slightest doubt, art is the answer. What we can’t be sure about is the question.. Part of the book is looking for that question, while much of the book is stories told about the real and the fictitious (he arbitrarily mixes the two) with stories about real people being often just as fanciful and just and invented as those about the fictitious. From Wittgenstein to Yuri Gagarin, from The Beatles to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, we learn about stories we don’t know about people we do know, some of which are true and some of which are not. Sagasti is such a gifted story-teller – hablador as the Spanish call it – that you cannot help but both enjoy and learn from his work.

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