César Aira: La liebre (The Hare)

The latest addition to my website is César Aira‘s La liebre (The Hare). If you know and love Aira, as I do, you will know what to expect: the Southern plains of Argentina, strange adventures, philosophical discussion, things not being what they seem, fantasy/magic realism. This novel is set in the nineteenth century and involves an English naturalist,Clarke, who is looking for the legendary Legibrerian hare. Much of the time, he spends with the Mapuches, gets involved in their politics and war, has philosophical discussions about the semantics of their language, learns that his hare can fly (perhaps), meets his double and is promoted to be general of the Indian tribe. It is all wonderful fun, as usual, with fanciful adventures, things not being what they seem and a complex and contorted plot involving everybody being connected in some way, even Charles Darwin.

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