Amélie Nothomb: Frappe-toi le coeur [Strike Your Heart]

The latest addition to my website is Amélie Nothomb‘s Frappe-toi le coeur [Strike Your Heart], her latest annual novel. This is something of a change from her normal style, as it is a damning indictment of two mothers, for both neglecting and spoiling their children, with dire consequences. The heroine is Diane, whose mother Marie is looking forward to the good life, which does not include motherhood. She virtually ignores Diane, her first child, but indulges her son, Nicolas, and then overspoils her daughter, Celia. Diane goes on to study cardiology and becomes close to her university lecturer, Olivia Aubusson, who also neglects her daughter, Mariel. Diane helps Olivia become a full professor, something she has been denied for sexist reasons, but then feels betrayed by Olivia. Olivia and Marie will pay a bitter price and they will leave three scarred daughters.

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