Michel Miniussi: Lei Passatemps [The Pastimes]

The latest addition to my website is Michel Miniussi‘s Lei Passatemps [The Pastimes]. Though born in Paris, Miniussi grew up in Cannes and became a very great supporter of Occitan literature. Sadly, he died at the age of thirty-six. This book, like some of his others, was published posthumously. It is an unusual book for an Occitan writer as it is simply a mocking though mildly affectionate portrait of the Cannes smart set, the rich and idle. They essentially do nothing, not even breed, except talk, travel and pass the time, as the title says. There is little sex, except for lascivious glances at effete young men, little discussion of the arts or politics and absolutely no sign of any remunerative or voluntary employment. They simply talk, go to parties, travel and wander aimlessly around. Though the book did appear in a French translation, it has been virtually ignored by French critics. It has not been translated into any other language.

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