Milena Busquets: También esto pasará (This Too Shall Pass)


The latest addition to my website is Milena Busquets‘s También esto pasará (This Too Shall Pass). Busquets is the daughter of well-known (in Spain but not in the English-speaking world) publisher and writer Esther Tusquets. Tusquets died in 2012. This novel is about a forty tear old woman, Blanca, whose mother has just died. Though her relationship with her mother was far from perfect, she mourns her mother and misses her. At the same time. she has something of a chaotic life. She is twice-divorced, though still having sex with her first husband (they love each other but cannot stand one another). She has a son by each husband. She is having an affair with Santi, a married man with children, who cannot divorce his wife. He is an architect and his firm has no work so he cannot afford to divorce her. She also has an eye on a dark, handsome stranger she sees at her mother’s funeral. After the funeral, she decides to go and stay at her mother’s (now her) holiday home in Cadaqués. She takes with her her two girlfriends (who both have children and both have romantic problems), the babysitter, both ex-husbands and her children. In Cadaqués are Santi and his family, the mysterious dark stranger from the funeral and other friends. Chaos is inevitable, as Blanca cannot decide who she is sleeping with, finds her life is in total chaos, cannot cope with being forty and misses and mourns her mother. It is very enjoyable, lively and colourful novel and, unusually, has already been translated into English.

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