En attendant Nadeau

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En attendant Nadeau” width=”222″ height=”300″ class=”size-medium wp-image-5985″ /> The cover of the New Year card I received from En attendant Nadeau

I was a long time subscriber to the French literary magazine La Quinzaine Littéraire, founded by the wonderful writer and editor Maurice Nadeau, who died in 2013 aged 102! He was writing and contributing till almost the end. After his death, financial troubles which had occurred before Nadeau’s death re-emerged and publication was suspended for a short time. The magazine was re-invented as La nouvelle Quinzaine littéraire. However, it was a smaller than the previous version. Towards the end of last year, there was a dispute between the editorial board and managing editor Patricia de Pas. This heated up and resulted in a significant number of resignations. The breakaway group have founded a new, online magazine, En attendant Nadeau. The second issue has just been published and, if you read French, it is well worth reading. It is to be hoped that En attendant Nadeau, La nouvelle Quinzaine littéraire, Le Matricule des Anges, Lire (which seems to have been partially absorbed by L’Express), Le Magazine Littéraire and other such literary magazines can continue to publish, as quality literary publishing is clearly going to struggle in these days of online, where we all expect free content.

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