French literary prizes

Winner of this years' Goncourt
Winner of this years’ Goncourt

We have already had the Prix Femina – Haitian novelist Yanick Lahens won with Bain de lune, and the Prix Médicis – Antoine Volodine won with Terminus radieux and today we got the Prix Renaudot with David Foenkinos winning with Charlotte and the Prix Goncourt with Lydie Salvayre winning with Pas Pleurer.

Winner of this year's Renaudot
Winner of this year’s Renaudot

None of these is available in English (yet). However Yanick Lahens has two books in English La couleur de l’aube has been translated as The Colour of Dawn and Tante Résia et les dieux has been translated as Aunt Resia and The Spirits, Antoine Volodine’s Des anges mineurs has been translated as Minor Angels, Nom des singes as Naming the Jungle and Ecrivains as Writers, several of Lydie Salvayre’s works are already in English translation and David Foekinos’ La délicatesse has been translated as Delicacy and Le potentiel érotique de ma femme as The Erotic Potential of my Wife. I am afraid that I have not read any of them but may well do so sometime in the future. My predictions were, inevitably, completely wrong.

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