Vincent Message: Les Veilleurs [The Watchmen]


The latest addition to my website is Vincent Message‘s Les Veilleurs [The Watchmen]. Oscar Waldo Andreas Nexus is a loner, living in the fictitious town of Regson. One day, he casually shoots three people, apparently selected at random, and then proceeds to lie down on the bodies, showing no resistance when the police arrive. As he seems to be quite lucid and intelligent the few times he does speak during his trial, he is found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. However, the Governor thinks there might be some political motive, as one of the victims was his mistress. He engages two people to thoroughly investigate Nexus. One is a former police officer and now his trusty advisor, Paulus Rilviero, and the other a leading psychiatrist, Joachim Traumfreund. They take Nexus off to a remote retreat in the mountains where Traumfreund finds that he seems to live in a dream world, a country called Sébra where he plays a role in a war there, while Rilviero resorts to more conventional police methods to determine the motive. But is Nexus fooling them both? It is a lengthy novel, with much of the action taking place in the retreat or in Séabra and but also an intriguing one about psychological motivation and what makes us tick and the role of dreams in our lives. Sadly, it has not been translated into any other language.

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