Ibrahim Al-Koni: أنوبيس (Anubis)


The latest addition to my website is Ibrahim Al-Koni‘s أنوبيس (Anubis). This is the first Libyan novel on my website but it is not your typical Libyan novel, as al-Koni is a Tuareg and this is very much a Tuareg novel. It tells the story of Anubi, a legendary Tuareg character, who catches a glimpse of his father at birth but, since then, has not seen him and sets out into the desert to find him. Al-Koni adds other myths, particularly the myth of Targa (which gives its name to Tuareg), the legendary oasis, where Anubi arrives and is joined by others, for whom he becomes, eventually, both priest and leader. But he is beset by jinns, spirits and the ghost (or shadow) of his father. It is not easy reading, as the characters speak in aphorisms and riddles and it is not always clear what is going but it is, nevertheless, an interesting look at another culture and its myths.

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  1. Mytwostotinki

    Sounds very interesting. I like al-Koni and read recently “The Bleeding of the Stone”. Here is my blog if you would like to have a look:


    You do an excellent job with your blog in my opinion. Keep up the good work!

    1. tmn

      Thanks for your comments. I shall look forward to reading your blog. Aber Sie sind deutsch. Warum schreiben Sie auf englisch? I hope you will also cover literature from Kosovo and Bulgaria, as you live there, and I know very little about the literature of either.

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