Sarah Mkhonza: Weeding the Flowerbeds


The latest addition to my website is Sarah Mkhonza‘s Weeding the Flowerbeds, the first novel from Swaziland on my website Actually, this is a memoir, slightly fictionalised but, frankly, there is very little literature from Swaziland in English. Sarah Mkhonza tells the story of herself and other girls at two boarding schools in Swaziland during their teens. While she writes well and keeps our interest, there is nothing special or unusual. She is concerned with the role of women and the rights of Africans but also with the opposite sex and pop music. She is keen to stand up for her rights, particularly when she considers that she has been treated unfairly but, on the whole, she behaves fairly well, gets on with her studies and grows up a fairly normal child and young woman.

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