Sulaiman Addonia: The Consequences of Love


The latest addition to my website is Sulaiman Addonia‘s The Consequences of Love, the first Eritrean novel on my website. It tells the story of Naser, a young Eritrean, who has escaped from the war in that country and is now living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He is starved of female affection, till a woman in full burqa starts dropping surreptitious love notes to him. Under strict Saudi laws, it is impossible for a man and a woman to have an affair and, as the title implies, the consequences could be dire but the two of them continue this relationship, with great difficulty and a considerable amount of deceit. Meanwhile, Addonia is showing the hypocrisy of Saudi society, with rampant homosexuality, often with underage boys, drug use and other transgressions, while pretending that religious observance is something that all do. A well-told novel but not one likely to endear him to the Saudi government.

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