Timur Vermes: Er ist wieder da [He’s Back]


The latest addition to my website is Timur VermesEr ist wieder da [He’s Back]. This book has had considerable success in Germany and also caused a lot of controversy. It is based on the idea that Hitler suddenly returns to Germany in August, 2011. He does not know why but assumes that it is because he is needed to help Germany with all its problems, such as Turkish immigrants and a woman chancellor. Other Germans assume that he is an actor playing the role and playing it very convincingly. He is soon offered a slot on a TV programme, where he is so authentic that it becomes wildly successful on YouTube. Vermes plays it partially for laughs, with lots of jokes about Hitler discovering new technology but also about how the producers and audience think that he is acting and he is convinced that he is back to steer Germany towards the way he thinks it should be. But Vermes also has a serious point, namely that, if Hitler were to return, he would not be rejected out of hand. The book is not yet available in English but is being translated and should appear in 2014 in English. I am sure that it will be very successful when it does appear in English.

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  1. z.cough

    i looked everywhere to buy this book, after a german friend told us about it few months ago, but it s just impossible to find in english or even french. lots of good reviews on the press but seems hard to find. do you have any idea where can i buy it?

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