László Krasznahorkai: Háború és háború (War and War)

The latest addition to my website is László Krasznahorkai‘s Háború és háború (War and War). György Korin who works in a public records office in a small Hungarian town finds a strange manuscript and feels that it must be published in the centre of the world – New York, He sells everything and we follow his tortuous journey to New York, where he lodges with a Hungarian interpreter and gradually transcribes the text onto the Internet. We learn that it is about four strange men who jump both from place to place but also ere to era (1600 BC to 19th century A.D.) Everywhere they go starts out nice but soon war or some other disaster intervenes and they move on. They have ruined the world…they’ve ruined everything, is his conclusion though who are they? As usual with Krasznahorkai it is madcap, highly original and brilliant.

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