Gabriel García Márquez: En Agosto Nos Vemos (Until August)

The latest addition to my website is Gabriel García Márquez‘s En Agosto Nos Vemos (Until August). This is his last book – a novella – published well after his death and one he asked not be published. It tells of a forty-six year old woman who is happily married to an orchestra conductor. Her mother had asked to be buried on a remote island, which she visited regularly during her life and her daughter will continue to visit every year after her death, staying in a rundown hotel. On one occasion she meets a man and they have a quick fling in her hotel room though she is furious when she finds he has left her $20. Things now change for her – from her relationship with her husband to where she stays on the island, from how she views the other ferry passengers to the condition of the cemetery where her mother is buried. But still she goes every August and still she meets a stray man. It is a well-told story, not, of course, up to the standard of his early work but well worth reading.

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