Haji Jabir: رغوة سوداء، (Black Foam)

The latest addition to my website is Haji Jabir‘s ة سوداء، (Black Foam). Dawoud, one of four names he uses in this book, is an Eritrean. We follow his life as he flees Eritrea, where he has been imprisoned for abandoning his army training to be with his girlfriend, as he escapes to Ethiopia, cheats his way into a special camp and then pretends to be an Ethiopian Jew to get himself to Israel, where his life impproves only marginally, not least because of his pretence, his failure to fit in and being subject, as are other Ethiopian Jews, to frequent racism. He ends up with other African ins Jerusalem, struggling against racism, poverty and never fitting in, unsure even of his name, let alone who he is. We can pity his hard life but his lack of morals and persistent lying are not endearing characteristics.

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