Ali al-Muqri: رواية (Hurma)

The latest addition to my website is Ali al-Muqri’s ‘s رواية (Hurma). It tells the story of how women are repressed in Yemen and their struggles to improve their lot. Our unnamed heroine has an older rebellious brother who soon changes and becomes a conformist when he marries. She also has an older sister who is allowed to break the rules because she works and gives her father money. Our heroine is forced into marriage with a man who is impotent and then takes her on a jihad first in Sudan and then in Afghanistan, adding a second wife en route . It does not go well. Meanwhile her sister has been showing her porn videos and gallivanting off to Paris. Our heroine just wants a kind, loving husband but they are not easy to find. Al-Maqri gives many examples of both male hypocrisy and the sheer stupidity of sharia law, particularly as regards women.

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