Sara Gallardo: Enero (January)

The latest addition to my website is Sara Gallardo‘s Enero (January). The novel is set on an Argentinian farm and we follow the story of the just sixteen Nefer, the youngest of three sisters. The oldest, Porota has recently married and at the wedding, Nefer was so annoyed at Negro, to whom she is attracted, dancing with another woman, that she runs into a wood, where she meets Nicolas, who rapes her. She is now three months pregnant and no-one knows except her. Her mother is concerned with running the farm as her husband has health issues and her sisters ignore her. She is afraid to tell anyone and blames Negro, though she is still clearly attracted to him. Most of the book is about her agonising over what to do: Go to the local witch doctor? Tell a priest or her godmother? Or just hope something happens. Gallardo tells an excellent story of as young woman out of her depth and alone with her problem.

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