Attila Bartis : A vége (The End)

The latest addition to my website is Attila BartisA vége (The End) This is a monumental semi-autobiographical novel, telling the story of Andras Szabad from his birth during the war to the post-communist era. The book opens when his father, also called Andras Szabad, is released from prison after serving three years for his anti-Soviet activities His wife had died just the day before. Father and son now move to Budapest . Andras son, like his father, wants to be a photographer and we follow his efforts in this, both as an amateur photographer and working with a professional photographer. In much of the book we see people,scenes and events though a photographer’s eyes. We also follow his decidedly colourful love life and how father and son cope with the communist system and, indeed with each other. Andras father still sees his old comrades but his son keeps well away from them. The book continues into the post-Communist era, with Andras now exhibiting his photos, including in the USA, but clearly having more success with his photography than his love life. The book gives us an excellent view of communist Hungary but also life seen with a photographer’s eyes.

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