Karmele Jaio: Aitaren etxea (My Father’s House)

The latest addition to my website is Karmele Jaio‘s Aitaren etxea (My Father’s House). This is a Basque feminist novel. We start with Ismael Alberdi, a succesful novelist who is struggling with his latest novel, not least because he is writing about the troubled period of the 1980s in the Basque country, which he kept well away from. His wife, Jasone, who had been a writer, gave it all up to be a wife, mother and daughter (to two ill parents) but her parents are dead and her daughters grown up so now she is trying once more to be herself and has taken up writing again (unbeknown to her husband). Ismael. has a guilty secret from his childhood, involving his father but his father now has dementia and when his mother is hospitalised, he is reluctantly called upon to look after his father. Meanwhile Jasone is changing and Ismael wonders if he should write his novel from a woman’s perspective, even though, as he admits, he does not understand women. A fine feminist novel.

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