Caroline Lamarche: La Chienne de Naha [The Bitch of Naha]

The latest addition to my website is Caroline Lamarche‘s La Chienne de Naha [The Bitch of Naha] . The book opens with a tale from the Triqui people (in Mexico) about a bitch (i.e. a female dog) who changes into a woman and is exploited by a man. The book tells of an unnamed narrator who, like Lamarche, spends her early years in Spain before moving to France. Later in the book, at the request of Maria. the daughter of the family’s former and now deceased housekeeper, with whom the narrator grew up, she will visit Mexico, specifically Oaxaca. The book is the impressions of the narrator about a range of topics – the role and mistreatment of women, both in Mexico and Europe, death, cultural differences with Mexico and racism, particularly towards the native population of Oaxaca Above all it is a lively, questioning and observing account of one woman, her life and the lives of those she is in contact with.

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