Marjana Gaponenko: Wer ist Martha? (Who is Martha?)

The latest addition to my website is Marjana Gaponenko‘s Wer ist Martha? (Who is Martha?). Our hero is Luka Levadski. He is a ninety-six year old Ukrainian ornithologist. He has just been told he has only a short time to live so he cashes in his savings and heads off to the luxurious Imperial Hotel in Vienna, where had previously stayed (at someone else’s expense). His stay there is excellent but, initially he only meets his personal butler, Habib, till he meets another cantankerous old man, Herr Witzturn. they go to a concert and behave badly and then return to the hotel bar dan behave badly. Gaponenko mocks the old men with their misogyny, cantankerousness, frailty and old-fashioned ways as well as mocking our hero’s obssession with birds at the expense of everything and everyone else but shows a respect for death.

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