Taras Prokhasko: НепрОсті (The Unsimple)

The latest addition to my website is Taras Prokhasko‘s НепрОсті (The Unsimple). This is a post-modern, magic realism novel set in the Carpathians. It is set primarily in the fairly remote, fictitious town of Ialivets. The town had been created by Franzysk, usually known as Franz, in 1888. He had had married Anna and they had had a child, Stefania. When he kiled Anna in a duel, he renamed Stefania Anna. When Sebastian arrives, he hands over Anna to him and the pair marry. Anna dies in childbirth and the newly born is named Anna. When she is eighteen she marries her father but then goes off to fights in World War I where she is killed but leaves behind a baby called, of course Anna. It is not all about incest. Indeed that seems normal. We have the UnSimple, earth gods who rule benignly. An almost mystical contact with nature, lots of deaths and killings, including two world wars and above all story-telling. It is a fascinating and original work and deserves to be better-known in the English-speaking world.

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