Lyubko Deresh: Культ [Cult]

The latest addition to my website is Lyubko Deresh‘s Культ [Cult]. The book was published when Deresh was eighteen and it is clearly a young man’s book. Our hero is Yurko Banzai. He is a trainee biology teacher and is sent to a strange and remote college to teach biology. The director is interested only in bedding the female staff and several of his colleagues are strange. Yurko starts a relationship with Dartsia, a student. They start with drugs (Yurko has form in this area) before they get into sex. Gradually things get odd. There is a flu epidemic, some students disappear, there is a plague of owls and more. However Yurko and Dartsia go full H. P. Lovecraft as HP’s gods appear in their dreams and trips, aided by the most mysterious staff member of all, the doorman Koriy. Lots of drugs, lots of music and strange goings-on, a good young man’s novel, though not available in English

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