Serhiy Zhadan: Інтернат (The Orphanage)

The latest addition to my website is Serhiy Zhadan‘s Інтернат (The Orphanage).It is set in the Ukraine-Russia border area, after the illegal Russian takeover of Crimea but before the illegal invasion. However, there is considerable turmoil as the Russians are aiding the separatists to move into Ukraine. Pasha is a teacher whose nephew, Sasha, (father disappeared, mother working on the trains) is in a sort of orphanage close to the border. Pasha’s father wants the nephew to be brought home. The book is about Pasha’s three day odyssey to rescue the boy. The whole area is under shelling, tanks all over, buildings and roads are badly damaged and there are people trying to escape or shelter everywhere and transport is, of course, limited. Zhadan gives us an epic description of Pasha’s journey through the hellish landscape.

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