Angelos Terzakis: Ταξίδι με τον Έσπερο [Travelling with Hesperus]

The latest addition to my website is Angelos TerzakisΤαξίδι με τον Έσπερο [Travelling with Hesperus]. It tells the story of Glaukos, a sixteen year old rGreek boy who has lost both his parents and lives with an aunt in Belgium. The pair are visiting the family estate in Greece. Initially Glaukos goes for walks in the somewhat otherworldly landscape of the estate, studies the stars (he wants to be an astronomer) and exchanges letters with his only friend, a somewhat strange and also solitary young man. However, he later meets two families living nearby, who have children his age. Not surprisingly, he falls for the oldest daughter of one of them but both he and we find out that the family seems to be cursed, with the curse affecting those who come into contact with them. It is a strange but fascinating story. If it has a moral it is be capful whom you fall in love with.

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