Esther Kinsky: Rombo (Rombo

The latest addition to my website is Esther Kinsky‘s Rombo (Rombo. This is another wonderful book from Esther Kinsky, this one giving an account of the 1976 Friuli earthquake and, in particular giving the accounts of seven people from an affected village. Kinsky lets them tell their stories – what life was like before the earthquake but also the the events of the day and the aftermath. But she also gives us a vivid description of the area- the geology, the geography, the rivers, the plants and animals, the rivers as well as what life was like in the region for the locals. As always her account is both fascinating and informative and she very much brings to life not only the people but also the animals. Rombo, by the way, is what the locals call the noise an earthquake makes before the eruption.

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