Amélie Nothomb: Le livre des soeurs [The Book of the Sisters]

The latest addition to my website is Amélie Nothomb: Le livre des soeurs [The Book of the Sisters]. The book tells of Tristane, born to parents who are more interested in one another than they are in their daughter so she is often left to her own devices. She teaches herself to speak, to read and to write. At the age of two she becomes the godmother to her cousin, daughter of her very irresponsible aunt Bobettea and, a couple of years later she will essentially manage Bobette and her four children. When her parents finally give her a sister, it is the four year old Tristane who looks after her while her parents are at work. The two sisters become very close, as Nothomb and her sister were and are. Though they start to diverge as adults, they still remain close while Tristane also struggles to break free of her mother’s not always positive influence. But, as the title tells us, it is above all the story of two sisters.

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