Eduardo Sánchez Rugeles: El síndrome de Lisboa (The Lisbon Syndrome)

The latest addition to my website is Eduardo Sánchez Rugeles‘s El síndrome de Lisboa (The Lisbon Syndrome). The novel is set in Caracas, Venezuela, where repression by the authorities is at its height. One day, Lisbon disappears and we eventually find out it might have been hit by an asteroid. Meanwhile, our hero Fernando, whose marriage is breaking up, is focussing on the local drama group for teenagers and it is going well, though the authorities are not too keen. The building was provided by Moreira, a Portuguese exile whose story we learn and he and Fernando remain close friends. Meanwhile, the repression is getting worse and the people have no choice but to stick together and fight back. The original Spanish was self-published through Amazon, which shows self-published books can be of high quality, as this one clearly us.

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