Markiyan Kamysh: Оформляндія або прогулянка в Зону (Stalking the Atomic City)

The latest addition to my website is Markiyan Kamysh‘s Оформляндія або прогулянка в Зону (Stalking the Atomic City). Markiyan Kamysh is a stalker, which means he enters Chernobyl illegally and wanders round exploring, regardless of the dangers of radiation, wild animals, snow drifts and the police. He has faced all four and survived. Why does he do it? He is not entirely sure but has done it, at the time of writing, one thousand one hundred and forty-six times. He sometimes takes tourists in but he despises them. He likes nothing better than being there alone with few provisions, enjoying the solitude and nature. The police try to get him and sometimes do but he always comes back for more. He tells us what he finds, what he sees, what he takes with him. Every time I came back, I swore that it would be my last, my very last visit but it never is.

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