Sigbjørn Hølmebakk: Karjolsteinen (The Carriage Stone)

The latest addition to my website is Sigbjørn Hølmebakk‘s Karjolsteinen (The Carriage Stone). Olav Klungland, an author and Communist, while visiting a comrade in hospital, meets Eilif Grøtteland,a former minister, whose wife has cancer. Eilif will later tell Olav his life story and, in particular how he lost his faith. He had come from a poor family but had been given money to study by a man who may have been his biological grandfather. Eilif’s father had been committed to an asylum for insanity and his brother, Lars, was a bully as a boy and a Nazi as an adult. The actions and words of his brother, while in prison after the war, profoundly affect Eilif’s life and his marriage and both his personal and professional life go very wrong. More particularly, both Olav and Eilif have an obsession with death which colours the whole book, as we explore the dark souls of both men, but especially Eilif.

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