Rémy Ngamije: The Eternal Audience of One

The latest addition to my website is Rémy Ngamije‘s The Eternal Audience of One. Rémy Ngamije, like his hero Séraphin, was born in Rwanda. His family fled Rwanda during the Rwandan Civil War and ended up in Namibia via Kenya. Séraphin is, like a lot of young men, unsure of where he is going, feels it is him against the rest of the world and likes sex (lots of it). The main thrust of the novel involves his study of law in Cape Town where he has lots of sex, gets into fights and hangs out with a group of friends. By the end of the novel, he is basically unchanged. Interesting as a novel about a refugee in a country he does not particularly like but the character of our hero remains trying to be clever, lost soul throughout the book.

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