Alonso Cueto: La viajera del viento (The Wind Traveller)

The latest addition to my website is Alonso Cueto‘s La viajera del viento (The Wind Traveller). This is about the Peruvian war against Shining Path guerrillas and the consequences of that war. Ángel was in the army fighting the guerrillas at that time. He is ordered to dispose of the bodies of alleged guerillas tortured and murdered. One of the bodies is that of a young woman who is not dead. She begs for mercy and claims to have known Ángel as a child. He shoots her. Soon after he leaves the army. One day she walks into the shop where he is working and his life changes. He stalks her but she denies knowing him. He ends up in prison. He finds a certain amount of redemption and starts out afresh with a new and happy life. But his past is always going to catch up with him. The novel is about the horrors of the war but also about guilt, forgiveness and redemption.

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