Gamal al-Ghitani: ااب التجليات (The Book of Epiphanies)

The latest addition to my website is Gamal al-Ghitani‘s ااب التجليات (The Book of Epiphanies), another recommendation from
The Untranslated, though I have had a copy of the book for many years. As did the Untranslated, I read the French translation of the book as the English translation is a substantial abridgement. It has not been translated into any other languages. The book is narrated by Gamal, i.e. the author, and recounts his spiritual journeys, guided by various Islamic scholars and mystics, looking back from on high at his family (including the birth of both of his parents), the early history of Islam, Islamic mysticism, particularly Sufism, and the modern history of Egypt, focussing on Gamal Abdel Nasser and his military adventures, particularly the war with Israel, which al-Gitani wholeheartedly supports. It is very long, very complex and very well done but if you can read French, read the whole book in French and not the partial book in English.

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