Viola Di Grado: Cuore cavo (Hollow Heart)

The latest addition to my website is Viola Di Grado‘s Cuore cavo (Hollow Heart). This s a very clever work about a twenty-five year Italian woman, Dorotea, who kills herself. We follow her story up to her death and the history of depression in her family but, more particularly, we follow her story after her death, how she adapts to being dead, her relationship with her corpse and with other dead people but also with some living people, and how she learns how to be dead. While there is some humour, it is essentially a serious book and works very well, thanks to the skill of Di Grado treating her as a character with her own problems, which are not the same as those she had while alive though, as she says, Life goes on, as people say, and death too goes on and on and on.

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