César Aira: La prueba (The Proof)

The latest addition to my website is César Aira‘s La prueba (The Proof). This is another Aira novel where you wonder what is going happening for the first part and then it suddenly explodes. Marcia is a sixteen-year old girl, wandering through the Flores district of Buenos Aires. She is accosted by two punk women, who call themselves Mao and Lenin. Mao immediately tells Marcia that she has fallen in love with her and wants to have sex with her. Marcia is both shocked and intrigued and accompanies the two women to a café, where they refuse to buy anything but sit at a table, and then to a local mega-supermarket, where things really explode. As always Aira takes us by surprise with the proof of love the two young women offer. Not his best but maybe his most surprising ending.

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