Shahriar Mandanipour:ابرو هلالیز (Moonbrow)

The latest addition to my website is Shahriar Mandanipour‘s ابرو هلالیز (Moonbrow). This novel tells the story of Amir, a man from a wealthy family, who enjoys drinking, partying and sex. One time he goes too far, getting seriously drunk, and is arrested and flogged. On recovery, without telling his family, he joins the Iranian army during the Iran-Iraq. After a grim time in the war, he is wounded, losing an arm, and suffers post-traumatic stress disorder. His family do not know where he is and spend five years tracking him down. Back home he dreams of Moonbrow, the woman he thinks he love, though she may not even be real, and tries to track her down. Mandanipour gives us a portrait of Iran both under the Shah and after the Revolution as well as of the Iran-Iraq War, while telling us Amir’s search for his love.

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