Clemens J. Setz: Indigo (Indigo)

The latest addition to my website is Clemens J. Setz‘s Indigo (Indigo). The book is about a mysterious syndrome called Indigo, whereby children who have the syndrome cause those near them to suffer various, often serious ailments, while they themselves remain unaffected. We follow the story of a writer called Clemens J Setz who taught the children at a special school, from which he got fired for questioning why several of them were being relocated, was accused but acquitted of murder of a Romanian mistreating his dogs and who now is investigating Indigo syndrome and finding out various sinister activities. We also follow the story of Robert, now twenty-nine but a former Indigo child who is struggling with adapting to the world and who suspects Setz may have committed the murder. It is a strange but fascinating book about differences and cruelty.

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