The latest addition to my website is James Robertson‘s To Be Continued. This is a very funny novel about Douglas Elder, a man who reaches his fiftieth birthday on the day the novel starts and who has all that a man newly turned fifty can reasonably desire, other than a job, a settled relationship and confidence in the future. He has taken voluntary redundancy from the Edinburgh newspaper where he worked, his partner, Sonya has more or less kicked him out and he has to take care of his increasingly senile father. However, the editor of his former employer, worried that post-the Scottish independence referendum, the paper needs to do more to appeal to the core Scottish populace, asks Douglas to interview Rosalind Munlochy, former radical socialist, M.P., novelist and poet, who is about to turn one hundred. Unfortunately she lives in the remote Scottish Highlands and Douglas has no car. As a result he has a series of adventures, somewhat reminiscent of Richard Hannay, before he finally arrives there and his adventures do not end once he has arrived. It is a fairly light-hearted tale, but very well told, very funny and a a very good read.