Kaori Ekuni: きらきらひかる (Twinkle Twinkle)


The latest addition to my website is Kaori Ekuni‘s きらきらひかる (Twinkle Twinkle). This is another quirky novel about a quirky relationship. In this case Shoko, an emotionally unstable woman, who is a borderline alcoholic, is married to Mutsuki, a homosexual. Both are aware of the other’s situation. However, Shoko had been advised to get married to help her become more emotionally stable and, after rejecting seven other possibilities, had married Mutsuki whom she liked, who is a doctor and who was happy to marry her. He had agreed to marry her because his mother said a doctor must have a wife and Shoko seemed to be happy not to have sex with him but allow him to continue his sexual relationship with his boyfriend, Kon. The relationship seems to work reasonably well, though there are issues. Mutsuki’s weekly ninety-minute clean-up really annoys Shoko and has her shouting and throwing things at the plant and the paintings on the wall. Generally, however, they get on. However, the respective parents do not know about the situation of their new in-law and when it looks like coming out, things take an unexpected turn.

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