Most books borrowed and searched

One I haven't read but the most searched for
One I haven’t read but the most searched for

The Guardian has published a list of the most borrowed book from British libraries . I have only read one (the Mantel) and have no plans to read any of the others. I must admit there are many authors on the list whom I have never heard of. Meanwhile, ABE UK has a published a list of the most searched for out of print book. I have read two of these (the McElroy and Koestler), have heard of relatively few and am unlikely to read any of the others. I suppose that this means that I am completely out of touch with what the GBP reads (GBP=Great British Public; the term come from Q D Leavis, a quote you may have come across on my homepage – After that is accomplished the next business in hand is to get on the right side of the Great British Public. And keep your eyebrows well pinned down. It is quite likely you may know it all and feel enormously sorry for the Great B. P. for not having enjoyed all your advantages. But the Great B. P. is not always impressed. Very frequently it is bored stiff. Silly and presumptuous of it, but there it is. Amuse it and cheer up. Chat to it. Bully it a little. Tickle its funny bone. Giggle with it. Confide in it. Give it, now and again, a good old cry. It loves that. But don’t, for your success’s sake, come the superior highbrow over it.) I shall not follow Q.D.s advice to the letter as I shall be happy to say that many of these books are trash. If you enjoy trash, that is fine – my musical tastes have often been criticised as such – but many of them are still trash, whatever your taste.

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