The most expensive ebook

No it isn't
No it isn’t

Amazon has had some expensive ebooks for sale, such as this one, which was, apparently, over $6000 but is no longer available in ebook form, though the print copy is available for a mere $7400.50 though, if you are feeling flush, you can get the entire Landolt-Börnstein set for a price-busting $53,873.55, a saving of $2,835.45 off the normal retail price. However, the most interesting (?) expensive ebook is this one. It isn’t. Even ignoring the various technical books which, apparently in many cases, are no longer available in ebook form, there are many, many more expensive books. This one, for example, is $1,836.49. If you are a Smollett fan (and I can strongly recommend him; several of his books are available in ebook form, free of charge), you can have this one for a mere $297.71. This one is the second highest price one I can find at $9,751.64 and here is one at $16,302.56, though I am sure that smarter people than I can beat that.

Yours for just $16,302.56
Yours for just $16,302.56

Getting back to the self-claimed most expensive book, it does not begin to compete. But what is it? According to one reviewer It’s literally 10, 1 page chapters with a picture and allows rich people to realize they wasted their money but don’t care because they are rich. The author claims Please do not buy this book if you do not have enough money on your bank account. If you are not wealthy but think you can read this book and ask for a refund afterwards, give up immediately, you are not the readership target. Any unusual thing is expensive! This is the law of supply and demand. Only a privileged few can buy and read this book. The others: go your way. Many free books are available for your long winter evenings. However, if you have a lot of money, and if the price of this book does not disturb you more than that, welcome and good reading. In other words it is a nothing book you buy to claim that you have bought the most expensive book on Amazon when that is not even vaguely true. Its Amazon ranking is 118,178, which means that there are enough idiots to have actually bought it. If you are that rich, feel free to send me $203 and I shall send you several much better books that you will actually enjoy reading. And for $16,302.56, I shall be happy to send you a lot of books that you will enjoy.

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