valter hugo mãe: o apocalipse dos trabalhadores [The Apocalypse of the Workers]


The latest addition to my website is valter hugo mãe‘s o apocalipse dos trabalhadores [The Apocalypse of the Workers]. mãe spells his name and writes all of his books in lower case, an annoying quirk. This novel tells the story of Maria da Graça, a cleaning lady for a rich man, Mr. Ferreira, who dreams of dying of love and going to heaven. Though Mr. Ferreira is thirty-six years older than she is, he has started an affair with her, initially by forcing himself on her. She is partially disgusted but partially flattered and, indeed, finds herself falling in love with him, helped by the fact that he is educating her by introducing her to Mozart, Goya, Proust and Bergman. She does not like her husband of seventeen years, Augusto, a fisherman, and is trying to poison him. Her best friend is Quitéria who is a part-time prostitute and a part-time professional mourner. She starts an affair with the much younger Andriy, an immigrant from Ukraine where the economic and political situation is difficult and his father, Sasha, is very paranoid. When Mr. Ferreira dies and Andriy does not hear from his parents, the life of the two women changes. This is another excellent book from mãe, about ordinary people dreaming their dreams and struggling to fulfil them.

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