Sadriddin Aini: Марги судхур (Death of a Money Lender)


The latest addition to my website is Sadriddin Aini‘s Марги судхур (Death of a Money Lender), the first Tajik novel on my website. It is an amusing novel but with a certain seriousness, telling the story of Kori-Ichkamba, a large man, who spends his time cajoling, cheating and avoiding paying for anything at all. He goes to funerals to get free meals, dashes out of shops without paying and, all too often, buys and eats food, only to find that he has “forgotten” to bring any money with him. He also lends money at extortionate rates and is, of course, happy to cheat his borrowers. However, while he initially does well when World War I starts, things start going badly and then, when the Russian Revolution comes, he will get his comeuppance.

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    1. I have not found an electronic version of this book. I read the French print version, bought second hand. It is also available in German but, as far as I can tell, not in English. I found a film version which seems to be in Russian.

    1. Thanks for the info but you may see that I comment on books by the nationality of the author, not the subject matter. I gather you were born in the USA to Swedish and Anglo-German parents so I would not review your book under Tajikistan. However, thanks for letting me know of it.

  1. This work was published in English too. It was under name “Dead Souls” and most likely published by Mir or Raduga publication. I have/had this book many many many years ago. I don’t know where it will be now, may be back in my father’s house.

    1. It was indeed published in English as I mention in my review, under the title Death of a Money Lender. I can find no reference to it being published as Dead Souls.

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