Peter Elmore: Las pruebas del Fuego [The Trials of Fire]


The latest addition to my website is Peter Elmore‘s Las pruebas del Fuego [The Trials of Fire]. Elmore has not been translated into English (nor, as far as I can see, any other language), despite the fact that he teaches in the United States. This novel, while certainly enjoyable, is not a great novel, telling the story of a Peruvian academic specialising in art history who inherits a box of old manuscripts, some of which consist of letters between two monks, indicating that a painting by a famous artist was smuggled into Peru and is probably still there. The story is essentially about his attempts to find out more about the painting and track it down, all the while dealing with various problems in his life, in particular blackmail. It is not available in English (or any other language) and probably won’t be.

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