Chinghiz Gusseinov: Магомед, Мамед, Мамиш (Mahomet, Mahmed, Mamish)


The latest addition to my website is Chinghiz Gusseinov‘s Магомед, Мамед, Мамиш (Mahomet, Mahmed, Mamish), an Azerbaijani novel, the first one from that country on my website. While certainly not a great novel, it is is certainly very enjoyable, telling the story of a rumbunctious family in Baku who both stick closely together while not being averse to stabbing one another in the back. The situation is complicated when Hasai, the patriarch takes a new wife, Rena, who is loved by two other members of the family, and his first wife, whom he does not divorce, is understandably not happy with the situation and is not averse to making her views known. Mamish, son of Hasai’s younger sister, is caught up in all of this mess and does not necessarily extricate himself very successfully.

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