Mitja Čander: Slepec (Blind Man)

The latest addition to my website is Mitja Čander‘s Slepec (Blind Man). Our hero is not blind but, because of a defect at birth, has very poor sight. He works as a book editor and sticks to the areas he knows but is suddenly asked to speak for a new political party and then offered a ministerial post which he accepts. It does not work out well as his poor sight is a hindrance and there is, as in many political systems, more bullshit than practical actions. He quits only to propose a programme called Slovenia 2100 about what Slovenia should look like in the future. He is made head of the project and the bullshit gets worse. Meanwhile his wife has just had their first baby and is feeling neglected. While a satire on political shenanigans, it is made more interesting by seeing it from the perspective of an almost bind man, whose actual and metaphorical vision cause him all sorts of problems.

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