Antal Szerb: A Pendragon-legenda (The Pendragon Legend)


The latest addition to my website is Antal Szerb‘s A Pendragon-legenda (The Pendragon Legend). Szerb’s first novel is a wonderful romp, with a complicated plot involving a thirty-two year old Hungarian intellectual, living in England and getting caught up in a plot involving eccentric (if not mad) English, Welsh, Irish and German characters, with ghosts, ancient castles with secret trapdoors, the Rosicrucians, a Welsh earl who experiments on animals, not to mention the whole paraphernalia of the Gothic/ghost novel. Our Hungarian hero, János Bátky, is somewhat out of his depth but does not really mind, as long as there is a nice young woman to jump in into bed with and there are ancient manuscripts for him to peruse. He gets caught up in plots and counter-plots, always one step behind the villains but somehow manages to come out more or less unscathed. It is a great fun and fast-paced and certainly not a novel to leave you bored, with its complicated plot.

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